The world today is gearing towards sustainability and having an eco-friendly home is just one of the ways to be part of it. Many homeowners are today going solar and this renewable energy source is slowly becoming the primary source of energy in many homes across America and the rest of the world.

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you can have. Maintaining it well and upgrading it are some of the ways of adding to its value which will be more profitable to you should you decide to sell.

It makes sense to increase the value of your property and proper structural renovation, and up-to-date landscaping might not just be enough. Whether you intend to stay in your home for several years or planning to sell it after a while, installing quality panels is one of the best ways of increasing the value of your home while also saving you a lot of money.

What Are Solar Panels?

Every day the sun sends out a huge amount of energy through radiation. This energy is used in plants, to evaporate water, and another percentage of it is reflected into space.

The use of solar-powered energy has drastically increased with time and the figures are expected to rise because so many homes are going solar.

It is no doubt that the earth receives a lot of solar energy. When this energy is harvested or harnessed by the use of solar panels, it is can then be used in homes as a source of energy.

The ever-growing demand for quality solar panels and related services has given rise to reliable and expert solar panel installation and service companies.

Types of Solar Panels

Solar panels are not the same. There are many types of solar panels available in the market and each has its unique characteristics. Here are the most common types of solar panels.

1. Monocrystalline Solar-Panels

These panels are made of monocrystalline silicon. They are dark in color and have rounded edges. These solar panels are very efficient with high energy efficiency. This is because of the silicon’s purity.

The silicon also makes them more durable. They use less space, have a longer life, are not affected by high temperatures, and they also have a high power output. However, these characteristics also make them pricier than the other panels.

2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels

These solar panels have a very distinctive look. They are square, are mostly blue, and have uncut edges. They are cheaper than the monocrystalline panels but also have a lower efficiency rate.

They are made by melting raw silicon and this is a very fast and cheap process. They have a short lifespan, lower space efficiency, are affected by high temperatures.

The monocrystalline and polycrystalline panes have the same power outputs. However, monocrystalline panels have higher space efficiency. A choice between the two will depend on your situation.

3. Thin-Film: Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels

The solar cells used in these panels are mostly used for small solar power systems. They are made by placing cadmium, silicon, or copper on a base. They are relatively cheaper and easy to make that other solar panels because they require fewer materials to produce.

They are also very flexible and this reduces their sensitivity to high temperatures. These panels use triple layered technology that is one of the best in the thin film variety. The Amorphous panels have a shorter lifespan.

4. Concentrated PV Cell (CVP)

CVP panels are some of the most efficient solar panels in the market today. They have a high performance and a high-efficiency rate. They generate energy just like any other conventional photovoltaic system does.

Their curved mirror surface, cooling systems, and lenses bundle the sunrays and this increases their efficiency. These panels face the sun at a perfect angle and also have a solar tracker in them that helps in following the sun.

What to Consider When Choosing a Solar Panel

Solar energy has several advantages. However, to enjoy the full benefits of this eco-friendly energy including the increase of value to your property, you need to make sure that you get the right panels that suit your needs.

Here are a few things you need to consider when getting a solar panel.

1. It’s Efficiency

Highly efficient solar panels tend to cost more, however, they are the best. You should get a solar panel that is as efficient as possible so that you can get the best out of it. Try to get a panel that has at least a 15% efficiency rate.

2. Cost

The cost of solar panels depends on their efficiency and what they are made of. When calculating the cost, you need to know how many watts of electricity you are getting per dollar. Do not choose a panel-based solely on the cost but rather the performance.

3. Quality

Good quality items last long and give good service and the same goes for solar panels. Talk to your solar panel installation company for you to determine the best quality because solar panels are manufactured in different countries.

4. Warranty

Do not buy a panel that has no warranty. All solar panels come with a warranty and the warranty will vary with the type of panel that you will buy. A good offer, for instance, is one that offers a 25-year warranty with their solar panels.

Remember, once you choose the panel you desire, you should also make sure that you get it installed correctly. When choosing a solar installer in Pinellas County, you need to only work with a professional solar installation company that guarantees expert installation.

Why Solar Energy Is Valuable

Many homeowners are learning the advantages of solar energy and its value in their homes. This has led to an increase in the demand for solar panels installation. This rise in demand has also made solar panels quite affordable.

With improved technology and high demand for better solar energy, solar panels manufacturing companies are today offering, quality, and affordable installation so that they can be able to meet the needs of the consumers.

With solar energy in your home you will be able to:
• Save a lot of money on your energy bills
• Have an environmentally friendly home
• Have an energy-efficient home

How Can Going Solar Affect Your Property’s Value?

It is no doubt that the use of solar energy is on the rise. Whether you use it for heating the water in your home, as a source of light, or to power up your entire home, solar energy is an efficient alternative to other forms of energy.

Research shows that every dollar you save on your energy bill adds $20 to the value of your home. This number can go up depending on the panels you have installed and how much solar energy you are using in your home.

Energy efficiency in as much as it is good for the planet and your wallet, efficient upgrades significantly increase property value. Homebuyers want solar panels and they prefer buying homes with the panels already installed.

Many home buyers prefer having homes with solar-powered electricity and solar water heating systems. Homes with a solar-powered system are likely to sell much faster than those without.

Solar panel installation is an investment that will pay for itself over time. If you are considering getting solar energy for your home, it is worth knowing that these panels will increase the value of your home.

In a nutshell, once you install solar panels in your home and you decide to put it on the market you will:
• Receive good offers
• Receive more offers
• Sell faster
• Get value for your money

The Future of Solar Energy and Property Value

Home upgrades and renovations are some of the projects that homeowners use when upgrading their homes and increasing its value. With a greener world, solar panels can be a major factor when determining the value of any home.

The first thing you need to do before buying solar panels is to get a solar assessment here in Tampa Bay. This will help you decide the type of panels that are best for your home, get a free estimate, and all you will be left with is get the right paperwork and your reliable installer can have your panels up and running in just a day.

Once your panels are installed, you will no longer rely on the grid for energy and the money you save will immediately start paying back what you had spent of the panels. With solar panels in your home, you can be sure to get your money back either through energy savings or the added value to your home when you to sell it.

The value added to home your home will depend on:
• Where you live (the part of the country)
• The electricity prices in your area of residence
• The size of your property
• The condition of the property
• The starting value of your home
• The age of the solar panels
• How much energy you are saving

It is no doubt that solar power is key to a clean and green future. The sun gives us a lot of free energy and putting this energy into good use will benefit both you and the environment as well. Solar panels produce renewable energy by simply transforming the radiation from the sun to electricity that you can use in your home.

This means investing in solar energy is also investing in a promising, reliable, and dependable future.

Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of a Home Everywhere?

Homes in the U.S have a 4.1% increase in value with solar panels installed. However, this varies from place to place.

• Homeowners in New York can have a 5.4% increase. This translates to a premium of $23,989 on a $440,400 home
• San Francisco 4.4 % or $41,658 premium on a $995,200 home
• Orlando, Fla 4.6% or a $10,994 premium on a $368,300 home

This data is according to a Zillows analysis that was carried out in different homes across the country. Even though the value of the panels varies from one place to another, there is no metropolitan area that has a decrease in the home value because of the solar panels.

Other Benefits of Having Solar Panels in Your Home

A solar-powered home is not only a value-added home. There are several other benefits that you will enjoy when you go solar.

• You will be protecting the planet: when your home is using the sun to power up itself, it also cuts off the need for burning fossil fuels that are responsible for emitting gases like carbon monoxide in the environment.
• You will have lower electricity bills: one of the high bills that homeowners have to pay for is electricity. By cutting down one this using renewable energy from your solar panels, you will be saying goodbye to tax and once your home uses solar energy as a primary source of energy you will be enjoining free electricity for as long as you have it.
• You can make money: what happens when you have more electricity than you need? You can sell the excess electricity by enrolling in a program that will pay you for the excess electricity that your panels are returning to the grid.

Consider Going Solar for a Sustainable and Valuable Future

Everyone loves a good investment and going solar is such an investment that will not only add more value to your home but will also start paying you back as soon as you start using it. If you are looking for a way to save your electricity bills, then you should consider investing in a solar panel.

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