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Solar Sun is a team of certified residential solar specialists. Our company was established in 1999.

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Why We’re Different

At Solar Sun, we pride ourselves in being a completely in-house solution for your solar energy installation. Our installers are trained by the manufacturers themselves and the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC).

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Did you Know:

Solar panels are an investment, but once they’re installed, they provide an amazing source of renewable energy. In fact, solar panels can completely pay for themselves in less than ten years!

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We offer a FREE energy efficiency audit to see how much you can save.

Your energy audit takes a look at how much energy your household uses every day, and is a hugely important factor in designing your solar panel system.


Our products have a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Each system we install is custom-designed for your house. At Solar Sun, we will make sure you arrive at a custom solution that works for you.

Customer Service

We are on call for all your needs, monitoring your system 24/7.

Since Solar Sun is a local solar panel installation company, we can offer a more personalized service that meets your needs and follows regional guidelines.